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We operate to the highest standards in door to door leaflet distribution.
When carrying out all of our services we provide a quality service of which we are proud and to which many of our customers will testify.

What makes us different?

We are not limited by boundaries or postcodes, or volume or any other inconvenient rules. You choose where you want your material delivered, right down to street level if you wish! Don't waste your expensive marketing leaflets and flyers by delivering them to half a postcode you know just won't want your product - we will stop delivering at boundaries you choose - not us!

Why DU?

As a professional delivery company it is normal practice for our staff to adhere to our delivery ethics when carrying out door to door distribution.  As part of this standard our staff follow these basic rules of distribution:-

  • Use designated footpaths only and not cross gardens or climb over fences or walls
  • Gates are closed after delivery/or left in the manner that they are found
  • Copies are not left sticking out of the letter box
  • Copies are not left in a collective bundle, for example at a tenement block, but delivered to individual homes within a building
  • Copies are never left outside or at the foot of stairs/tenements/flats/apartment blocks
  • No copies are ever ‘dumped’ except in the proper manner and with the consent of the Customer
  • Copies are not left with a resident to deliver to his/her neighbours


Distribution Unlimited will maintain communication with you and confirm which areas have been completed, and in cases of a long term distribution advise forthcoming schedule for delivery of your publication, through to completion of distribution.

Non Delivery
When carrying out deliveries, it is inevitable that there will be some instances of non-delivery. This ranges from resident refusal, to being unable to gain access to premises due to security systems and such like. Whilst delivering, should we come across a property which we are unable to access we record it as a non-delivery. For critical distributions we would then revisit these properties up to 3 times to attempt to re-deliver the publication.


Covering: Edinburgh & the Lothians

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Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm